Pick out a sunny day and drive off from Messenikolas on the old Karditsa road. At the first crossroads, you can take the right turn on the old Karditsa – Agrinion motorway as far as Tsardaki, after a 4 mile – drive. Arriving at Corona monastery, your eye will lavish in the great view of the Thessalian plain.

Bypassing the monastery you arrive after half a minute drive to Tsardaki, where there are three picturesque, little taverns.

As you drive further on you will meet the Lamperou beach, where you can make a short pause to enjoy a cup of coffee at the nice café there and at the same time admire the majestic beauty of the scenery, as the mountain peaks are reflected on the blue waters of the lake.

Then you resume your journey southwards, driving through the tiny villages of Kastania and Mouha, until you reach the imposing dam of the lake. One can but feel awe and pride in man’s attempt to tame nature by creating this technological wonder.

Driving on the narrow road along the top wall of the dam, you take the ascent on the west shoreline, from where you can see the wonderful fjordlike coves along the shore of the lake. In the vicinity there is an observation post, accessible only by a four-wheel drive vehicle, where you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the lake. As you keep on driving, you will cross the bridge over the river Evrytos, the border between the first Greek state and the Ottoman Empire. On the river there is a trout farm, next to which there is a tavern where you can taste trout cooked in many different ways.

A little bit further on you can take a left steep country road that will lead you to the former monastery of Panagia Pelekiti (Church of the Madonna, Hewn in the Rocks). The church is actually hewn in the rocky mountainside and contains a number of historical Byzantine icons. Then you can drive back downhill passing through the village of Belokomyti and after a while arriving at Neochori with its numerous restaurants, where you can both enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee and the best view not only of the entire lake but of the Thessalian plain, as well.

Still driving downhill you will come to a small village, Kalyvia Pezoulas, the best touristic place of the area and the seat of the Nevropolis Municipality. There is another beach here. Taking a small detour to your left you will come to the small settlement of Neraida, where General Plastiras had a country house, which has now been turned into a museum.

Picking your way back through Kalyvia Pezoulas and resuming your journey northwards you arrive at the village of Kryoneri (formerly named Stougo), where in the summer months you can find biological vegetables.

After Kryoneri and veering slightly to the left, you can visit the scenic village of Kerassia, whose local architecture remained unscathed from the ravages of war.

Resuming anew the road along the lake shore, you will first come into Morfovouni (former Vounessi), where you can visit the Plastiras Museum, and then after one and a half mile drive you return to Messenikolas, where your lake tour has ended.