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This is a unique grape variety cultivated only in three villages of the area and giving the famous vintage Messenikolas Black.

The real origin of this variety is unknown. Some say it has been developed from an old local variety, some say that it was brought to the area by the Franks in the years of the Frankish Conquest of Byzantium. Either way, this variety, along with the batik one, has made Messenikolas famous for its wines.

This black variety yields only a mediocre production, and is susceptible to various diseases, being nevertheless resistant to droughts, downy mildew and mold blight.

The bunch, usually double and dense, is of medium size, cylindrical that tapers off at its end. The ripe grape is round and rather hard with a black skin, succulent and sweet, rich in tannin but poor in acids.

The vine should be disbudded by two or three buds and the grapes mellow at the end of September.

The production varies at 1.540 – 2.200 pounds per 0,25 acres on non irrigated vineyards.

When made into wine, Messenikolas Black yields a very fine vintage wine with a characteristic fragrance. Today, due to the fact that Messenikolas Black yields an inadequate crop, a mixture of this variety with 70% of the Syrah and 30% of the Carignan varieties is permitted, and thus this high quality wine (V.Q.P.R.D*. Messenikolas) is produced. 

* Vins de Qualité Produits dans une Région Déterminée. (Quality Wines Produced in a Specific Region). 


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